ChEGSO members are required to attend 50% or more of the scheduled meetings to be considered active members of the ChEGSO.

1. Regular meetings will be held bi-weekly. The day, time, and location shall be approved by majority
ruling from ChE graduate students.
2. Special meetings will be held by the discretion and need of the chapter. All active members must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of a special meeting.
3. Non-election voting procedures will be done by a ‘raise of hand’ and majority rules, providing quorum is met.
4. Quorum shall be 50% +1 of total active members.
5. The meeting will be organized close to Robert’s Rules.
6. The President is responsible for preparing an agenda. If an active member wishes to be on the agenda, that active member must contact the President prior to the meeting.
7. No abstentions will be honored.